The following is a brief record of the chief work with which the Society has been associated in the restoration and enrichment of St. Stephen’s Church.

1875.         Restoration of East end – new Reredos. New oak Chancel and choir stalls.
1876.         Chancel repaved and new marble steps.
1881.         East window fitted with stained glass.
1883.         Restoration of Baptistery and new Font.
1885.         Memorial window to Past Master F. J. Fargus (Hugh Conway)
1886.         Re-seating of Church in carved oak.
1891.         New marble Pulpit
1892.         Belfry refitted, two new bells added.
1895.         Erection of Chancel screen
1898.         Five stained-glass windows in North Aisle.
1899.         Electric lighting installed in Church.
1900.         Repair to Belfry.
1902.         New Baptistery windows.
1903.         New Clerestory windows.
1906.         Bells re-cast and re-hung, with addition of two new bells.
1914-17.    Restoration of the Tower - “one of the most stately gems of ecclesiastical art” – RUSKIN.
1918.         Repairs to roof and Organ.
1923.         Repairs to interior of Church and Organ.
1926.         Complete restoration of roof.
1930.         Repairs to Organ.
1931.         New heating installation.
1932.         Improvements to churchyard.
1933.         Restoration of South Porch.
1934.         Restoration of North Clerestory.
1939.         Memorial gateway to Past Master James Fuller Eberle.
1940.         Removal of Organ to place of safety.
1945-46.    Re-erection and restoration of Organ.
1948-50.    Restoration of War damage and repairs to Belfry.
1951.         New Great West Window.
1956-57.    Repairs to north and east walls.
1958.         Interior restoration.
1963.         Grant towards cost of new Altar.
1964.         Interior decorations.
1979.         Restoration work to Tower.
1981.         Restoration to South Porch.
1985.         Interior decorations and restoration of Blanket Tomb.
1987.         Restoration of Ringers Court.
1988.         Restoration of Pring and Peloquin Monuments.
1989.         Re-wiring and Pelham Memorial.
1990.         Restoration of Snygge Memorial.
1994.         Remedial work to the bell frame.
1998-99.    Restoration and enlargement of Common Room.
2000-01.    Installation of Tower floodlighting.
2002-03.    Restoration of the Organ and repairs to the electric lighting.
2005.         Restoration of the roof.
2007.         Restoration of the porch gates
2010-11.    Restoration of the South porch
2014.         Renovation of parts of the Tower

2015.         Various internal renovations



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